It has been quite a while since I did this and there were some of my friends asking me already to do this again (blogging). So from Tumblr, I hopped to Blogger then went back to Tumblr and now to WordPress because I have some posts way back that I cannot recover anymore. So here you go guys. I have already registered here, I’ve even searched for new layouts. But still, I am not satisfied. Ha ha! As much as I wanted my site to look minimal, I couldn’t find layouts that do not cost a penny. WordPress is very new to me, a little intimidating, but so far I’ve been enjoying fixing everything and have encountered minimal issues. I’m still working around the whole move, fixing the imported posts, tags and categories, so possibly for the next few days the posts might be a bit unorganized. But generally, this is home & I can’t wait to be completely settled in.

As I get back, I am actually trying to put here my blogs from my old site.

Anyways.. Sorry for the inconsistent posts. I’ve written my thoughts on my notebook, though!


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