Realizations: Two Types in Real Life

There are two types of people in our lives: The IMPORTANT and the LESS IMPORTANT.

Okay, let’s give it a take on the first one. Who do you consider the important ones in your life? Your family (must be at the top of your list!), your friends, your best friends. Your boyfriend/girlfriend.

They are the people we used to live with, the first few people we run to when we need someone to talk to. The people who stood for us even in our mishaps and misadventures in life.

In my 19 years of existence, I have gained and I had lost people. Some were really important, some were just  drop-by-pals. To be really honest, I’ve always been a sucker of good friendship (or better yet, best friendship). Once I get to meet someone new, I could be really shy at first and little intimidated but I would always want to approach them first and insist a small talk aka get-to-know stage. Then I, eventually, start to value the friendship we have.

Apparently, not everybody is true. Not everybody can be real to you. Basically, after school, you will just realize that you are friends with your so-called friends because you used to spend time with them for more than 5 times a week. But… how we can consider them as the important ones, though? Most of them are just the people we socialize with aka someone we only know cos of school. Meanwhile in real life, we can only handpick a few of them, maybe a quarter of quarter, that we can call or text for a walk. The ones we can talk to for hours and never get bored, intimidated, awkward, and afraid of telling anything. The ones we can dish out the names of our crushes. The ones that do not sugarcoat things to flatter us. The people who do not hesitate calling you or texting you if something goes wrong. (If they do, they trust you) the ones who can make you feel the happiest, support you and boost your confidence. Do you have a lot? Well, you are lucky. You are blessed. These are the people for keeps. The important ones.

The other type, the less important though, are the ones who are toxic. I had a lot of these. People who appear only when they need something. The people who can barely see you or ask how you’ve been even if you were always there for them. The ones who take you for granted, and take advantage of you and your weaknesses. People who drag you down instead of pulling you up. Do you have a lot? I suggest to cut them off. Yes, I mean it. Don’t waste your time over someone who doesn’t even know your worth. Some things and some people, no matter how much we are drawn to them, aren’t just worth the time, effort and affection from us. Nope. Learn from them.   Learn from the less (or not) important and make a larger room for the most important.


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