It’s OKAY. It’s Not His Fault.

I wish to convince you that reality backs me up here!

WE often say that it is ironic to have fallen for someone who doesn’t want us, or someone we cannot really have. We always wanna ask “WHY?”

Then we blame them. Because they did not love us back. But in real life, it’s beyond that, it’s more than that. If we only aren’t that selfish, we could answer our own question, “WHY?”.

We can’t be mad to someone who’s not wanting to be with us. Although¬†I had a failed relationship, I still feel bad when people say “your ex is a jerk!” or “he’s an asshole!”.

No, we cannot call them like that for not ¬†finding what they are searching for, in us. They have their reasons and it just so happened that we are no longer the ‘reason’ for them to stay and we’re just going to be a part of their ‘decision’. We are allowed to love but remember, it’s also bad to be selfish. We cannot hate them for being humans. They probably have their own needs, own desires, that they couldn’t find in us no matter how much they want to.

Not all people choose to hurt us even if they do, we have to understand that. Let’s just wish that someday, we eventually meet a person like us who’s too giving, understanding and loving and someone who would stay far way more than we expect.


5 Facts About Me

1. I don’t eat egg. I don’t know why but for me it tastes so pale. Weirdly enough though, I only eat egg when it’s scrambled. Haha!

2. I love to sing so much and my biggest frustration in life is to have a very nice voice. 😂

3. I don’t like coffee at all.

4. I don’t find it hard to have a crush on boys with long eye lashes, fine jaw lines, dimples. Whyyyy 😍

5. I love hugs. I love it so much. I love the feeling of having someone making you feel warm when you’re cold. I love it because I know I am not alone, and I feel safe.