Letters To People: Vol. 2

A week has passed and I totally have another baggage on my chest.

1. It seems like you’ve grown from the recent events of your life. Bravo, you did good there. Do not stop growing and learning things.

2. I know you are going through a lot right now and you’ve went through a lot already. Graduation’s near my dear. I am so proud of you. I wish to see you right now but I can’t. But come here, you. I’ll give you a hug. You are loved.

3. I really don’t want to think that you are that bad to block me on every social media accounts that we both have. Grabe. I am upset, we could’ve been good friends kaya. But okay. Let go.

4. I don’t want to argue. Who wins over pride? ☺ Peace be with you. And to your insensitive slash immature set of folks. ✌

5. Hi, you, little distracted creature. I miss you. I hope you’re having a good time! 💗


Letters To People

I don’t remember the last time I did this, but I used to do this a lot. It was my way of decluttering my thoughts and my emotions towards some people in my life. It felt kind of nice, to get these feelings out without having to talk to certain people about it. I know, I could probably do this in a diary, but I’d rather put this out there. Negative AND positive thoughts. They deserve to be heard. Besides, this is a personal blog, so this personal post belongs here. For those who do not know this though, I will be posting messages for several people.

  • 1. Thank you for your friendship. I hope we only get closer from here on out. You’re one of the few honest people I’ve ever met, and that’s a quality I find most important in relationships. I’m sorry for holding off for so long, because if I wasn’t so busy trying to protect other (unimportant) relationships, we could’ve been friends longer… But that’s long over and I’m not guilty anymore. I’m going to prioritize my relationships with people who are worth it.
  • 2. I’ve been thinking that our friendship is going unhealthy. I hate to think that it is, but it is. You just consider me your best friend when it is most convenient to you, when things went down on you. In short, we are just friends when you need something from me. No, I hate this. It’s not good for you, and I really hope you grow out of it soon. I wish I could say this to your face, but just like the others I’ve given up on, I’ve almost given up on you too.
  • 3. I don’t know how to say this without sounding insensitive but hey, I am grateful that we met but we just couldn’t make it work the way you are wishing it to be. I pray that you find the love, happiness & success you deserve. You deserve it SO much.
  • 4. It makes me feel stupid sometimes knowing how much you’ve hurt me, I still kind of want to be there for you (as a friend) without the assurance of you not messing up with my life again. Because you are a big time jerk, a bitch but I always wish that somehow there’s guilt pieces in you. I hope you’d learn and grow up too. Now you know and now you’ve proven that no matter how many times you’ve walked over me, I will still be here for you. I am not just an ex girlfriend. I was your best friend. I am still. Even if you do not know.
  • 5. Hi. You know what, it’s been months since you came. How sad it is to think that you left too soon? I would want to hate you. Well of course, for the pain you’ve caused. But I couldn’t. No matter how much I try, I always end up looking for you at town, somewhere here. I always end up talking to you first. You never left my mind since then. I have let you go, but maybe, perhaps, I just like the idea that we are fine, talking as friends again. Just like last night. Ha ha!  Again, I would want to hate you. I could have. But I could not. Because the happiness you give me when we talk is greater than the pain that you’ve caused.

Well, that’s a load off my chest!

I hope you guys are having a good weekend! 🙂